Grassroots Advocacy

Wondering how you can join in to help your credit unions continue to make an impact in the communities that they serve? Click here to visit the online grassroots action center where you can e-mail your lawmakers about a number of issues credit unions are currently facing. 

Credit unions thrive on grassroots advocacy because it aligns directly with their mission of people helping people. When everyday individuals become involved in the legislative process the results can be fantastic. Part of the strength of credit unions comes from the ties they share with their communities. When members get involved to help the legislative process, our government sees the impact credit unions have on the people who use their services. All credit union members are encouraged to take part in the grassroots advocacy process that built credit unions. 

Credit unions are currently trying to pass member business lending reform that will help create thousands of jobs for Americans. For more information visit the Member Business Lending page. 

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